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October 30 - November 2, 2023 | Online Event

Indigenous-Led Cumulative Effects Pathways:

From Words to Action

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Impact Resolutions Ltd.

Impact Resolutions Ltd. (IR) is a Buginese-Canadian, woman-owned-and-operated business practicing a unique synthesis of engagement, data collection and analysis for performance assurance standards, impact assessments, and diversity, equity, inclusivity and belonging services. IR’s work is grounded in collaborative Indigenous partnerships and participation. Through joint exploration, IR draws from collective strength and efficiency to improve project innovation, resilient outcomes, and adaptable strategies.  

A portion of IR profits goes towards co-creating, funding, and supporting IR member-driven passion projects that are in kind for community-driven projects in Canada, Mexico, Lebanon, Turkey, and Pakistan.  

IR specializes in cumulative effects and community driven assessment, management, and monitoring to produce highly structured reports, research papers, guidance documents, and presentations. Our project work has focused on co-developing cumulative effects information through the lens of well-being: body, mind, and spirit. IR understands that Indigenous ways of being are holistic and inextricably linked to ecological integrity and that pressures on the biophysical environment can stress the human environment as well as erode well-being.  

IR is an approved Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) assessment body for Equitable Origin and has certified numerous operators throughout the years. This has brought transparency to the industry, increased demand for certified natural gas and helped operators differentiate themselves through responsible energy production. The IR team has supported the ESG certification of ARC Resources, Hammerhead Resources, Pacific Canbriam, Pipestone Energy and Vermilion Energy in Canada. IR assessors have also participated in several certifications in the US, including Chesapeake, EQT, Equinor and NNE.



BC Métis Federation

The BC MĂ©tis Federation works to ensure the well-being of its membership. Through capacity building, advocacy, and cultural revitalization efforts, BCMF advances MĂ©tis knowledge and self-determination and encourages the use of the Michif language.




MacDonald Hydrology Consultants Ltd. (MacHydro) is a specialized consulting company based out of Cranbrook, BC. We provide consulting and research services to a wide range of clients, including government, First Nations, industry, and environmental organizations. MacHydro specializes in hydrological and river system modelling, cumulative effects modelling and assessment, as well as research. We have designed over 20 models in western North America to evaluate water management, flood risk, land use change, climate change, erosion potential, and cumulative effects. We have successfully implemented several small and large scale research projects focused on understanding hydrologic and ecological processes. We work with universities and industry partners to develop new and innovative methods and share research findings with the scientific community. We have published peer-reviewed articles related to water management, hydrological modelling, climate change, stream temperature modelling, fish habitat, hydrological impacts of forest change, and glacier water resources.





IEG is a small employee-owned company of 20 professionals consciously assembled to provide consulting expertise in applied ecological and cultural research.

We are dedicated to working at the interface between humans and their environments, and apply innovative approaches to ecosystem and cultural assessment, repair and support, and to land-use management. We practice in the disciplines of ecology, ethnoecology, reclamation science, and cumulative-effects studies. Our small size and broad expertise allow us to be agile and focused in responding to our clients’ needs. IEG has personnel in coastal British Columbia, southern Alberta, Ottawa, Montreal, and northern New Mexico.

Currently, over half the employees are active shareholders, with the intention of increasing the number of active employee shareholders over time. As an employee-owned company, employees are actively involved in decision making at a company level.



ALCES is a world leader in the delivery of land-use cumulative-effects modeling tools, strategic land-use planning advice, and the provision of practical strategies to assist government, business, and society. IEG is an owner and core member of the ALCES Group.

ALCES assists clients with developing strategic plans for triple bottom line – people, planet and profit. It is a unique collaboration of planners, environmental scientists, and computer simulation programmers who share a deep commitment to helping clients make balanced, informed decisions that achieve environments in which we and our grandchildren can thrive.



CE Analytic Ltd.

CE Analytic Ltd. is a consulting agency working to help people unlock prosperity by caring for the earth that sustains us. The company’s headquarters are located in Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada within Secwepemcúl’ecw, the unceded Traditional Territory of the Secwépemc Nation.  CE Analytic also operates a regional office located in Halifax (Kjipuktuk), Nova Scotia, Canada within Mi'kma'ki, the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi'kmaq people.

We understand that the environment nourishes people and people create economies, and that this is a dependent relationship. We explore systems dynamics and seek to develop regenerating economies.

We facilitate priority in increasing Indigenous capacity for cumulative effects assessment, planning, monitoring and decision-making through the RavenWater Learning Circle™.


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