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Join Systems Ecologist & Cumulative Effects Expert Barry Wilson for an EXCLUSIVE INSIDER'S VIEW of the world's leading holistic cumulative effects spatial simulator. Decide how you can use it for your planning ADVANTAGE.


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"Barry changed the way I and many others thought about assessment of and planning for the cumulative effects of human activities, & effectively delivered the product our group needed. Barry cares deeply about this"

Justin Straker, M.Sc.
Principal, Integrated Ecology Group

"Barry is one of the most creative people I have worked with; he acquired a profound understanding of the LCA process, despite not being an LCA analyst and tailored his exceptional professional skills to the needs of our project; he created a new path of research, with direct implications on real projects. "

Monica Radulescu Tudorache, Ph.D. P.Geo
Life Cycle Analyst - Hydrogeologist

"Barry is a skilled professional with high integrity that delivers real value on time and on budget. He is a very good project manager and has the skills to manage complex challenges through a combination of great leadership and technical prowess. I would not hesitate in recommending Barry for other projects"

Kirk Andries
Executive Director, Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute

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