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October 30 – November 2, 2023 | Online Event

Indigenous-Led Cumulative Effects Pathways:

From Words to Action



Featuring Indigenous-led initiatives, challenges and successes in holistic cumulative effects, opportunities to build capacity in your community and much more.

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Meet our Speakers
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Chief Judy Desjarlais

Chief of Blueberry River First Nation

Pepita Elena McKee

Founder and CEO of Impact Resolutions Ltd.

Ashton Ashley

Tmícw Research Assistant at Qwelmínte Secwépemc

Dr. Jill Blakley, PhD, MCIP, RPP, CLC

Professor at University of Saskatchewan

Dr. Ryan MacDonald

Hydrologist at MacDonald Hydrology Consultants Ltd. (MacHydro) 

Natasha Deganello Giraudie

Filmmaker and Nature Practice Guide at Rosa Guayaba

Matt Chiasson

Cumulative Effects and Environmental Stewardship Coordinator at The Confederacy of Mainland Mi’kmaq

Joe Desjarlais

Director of Research at BC Métis Federation

Ashley Childs

Lands Manager and Client Liaison at Shared Value Solutions

Mark Cliffe-Phillips

Executive Director at Mackenzie Valley Environmental Impact Review Board

Sophie Collins

Tmícw Technician at Qwelmínte Secwépemc

Paulette Fox

President of Harmony Walkers Inc.

Mindy Henyu

President at Infinitely Iskwew Consulting Ltd.; Sustainability and Strategic Partnerships Director at Surepoint Group

Chief Byron Alexander and Jasmine Jesso

Indian Head First Nation and Newfoundland Naturals

Sunny LeBourdais

Council Member at Whispering Pines/Clinton Indian Band 

Jessica Nelson

Intern Program Coordinator at Qwelmínte Secwépemc

Dave Nordquist

Title and Rights Director and Natural Resource Director at Adams Lake Indian Band

Tim Robinson

Director of Salmon Recovery Program at Fort Folly Habitat Recovery

Drew Rose

Knowledge Builders Program Coordinator at Qwelmínte Secwépemc

Bruce Shelvey, PhD

Academic Research Consultant at BC Métis Federation

Francis Skeard

Councillor at Qalipu First Nation

Spencer Taft

Cumulative Effects Manager at Tsleil-Waututh Nation

Dr. Juan Carlos Tejeda González

Full Time Professor and Researcher at University of Colima

Jennifer Turner

Energy Director at Equitable Origin

Silas White

Strategic Governance, Policy and Government Relations Specialist at Impact Resolutions Ltd.; Mayor of Gibsons, BC

Barry J. Wilson

Systems Dynamicist and CEO at CE Analytic Ltd.; Founder of the RavenWater Learning Circle™


The CFX Conference is a path to action. 

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Let's Take Control of Our Future

  • The CFX Conference sets us on a path to create the prosperous future we want by caring for the Earth that provides for us.

  •  We start with the understanding that everything is connected. This knowledge means that achieving prosperity today and for future generations hinges on applying a holistic, systems approach to managing our activities on the land and waters of Earth.

  •  Attending the CFX Conference(s) will give you direct access to real-world examples, success stories, case studies and more from experts around the world. You won’t get this anywhere else. 

Experience an inclusive and neutral online setting.

"I enjoyed the inclusion & indigenous focus. It was effective and done throughout. Great job with that!!"

- Kateri Koster

"Very informative. I liked seeing all the work that is going on, and that there are many different models that can be used to study CE within our territory."

- Jenny Allen

About This Year’s Conference


Cumulative Effects are an issue that just won't go away. The regulatory minimize/mitigate isn't enough. The unending stream of project referrals process we endure now consumes significant time, resources, and just isn’t sustainable.  

Seeing the big picture creates opportunity for prosperity and sustainability. How can we create this harmony? We'll need to move beyond the “business as usual” model.

The answers to sustainability challenges and how to capitalize on new opportunities for prosperity starts with first understanding that the environment, people and the economy are all connected. This systems understanding is a critical factor in finding the best path forward for sustainability and a high quality of life.

Indigenous-led holistic cumulative effects programs offer a new pathway to guide proponents and government in the direction of our desired future. A holistic approach, building upon the knowledge of ancestors and utilizing new technologies can shed light on the path to our prosperous future.

The CFX 2023 Conference provides an opportunity to view these concepts, challenges and successes through an Indigenous lens. Over the course of four days, it offers everyone a unique opportunity to explore Indigenous-led cumulative effects initiatives and approaches and creates engagement opportunities to explore Indigenous knowledge and values in a cumulative effects context. 

Join us and walk away with...

  • New relationships, networks and partnerships.

  • Action items that you can implement immediately to make a difference in your work and your organization.

  • A renewed sense of optimism and purpose to collaborate and hold up one another to be stronger and more effective together than we would be on our own.

  • New knowledge of methods, techniques and approaches you can use in your own work.

  • A strong understanding for the need to involve Indigenous peoples in cumulative effects assessments, or better yet, the need for Indigenous-led cumulative effects assessments.

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Why attend CFX 2023? 


Environment-Friendly and Sustainable

Holding our conference online will significantly reduce carbon footprint/emissions, paper waste, food waste and more! What better way to practice what we stand for?

Flexible and Decompressed Schedule

We strongly believe in and practice healthy work habits, which include taking breaks and pacing ourselves to avoid burnout. Our approach to hosting conferences is no different. CFX 2023 will be held over the course of 4 days for only 3 hours a day, allowing for you to take mental and physical breaks without missing out on anything. We also understand everyone has work commitments and responsibilities that sometimes can’t wait a full week to be addressed. Our flexible and decompressed schedule over the course of the week will accommodate those needs.

Increased Accessibility

Our online conference removes geographical limitations and makes it easy for you to attend. Not only do you get to attend in the comfort of your own home or office, but you can also more easily integrate the conference schedule into your calendar as it will take up less time in your day than a typical 9-5, in-person conference would.

Greater Reach and Diverse Audience

With increased accessibility comes greater reach and a more diverse audience. We are excited to be holding a conference that is able to accommodate guests not only in Canada, but internationally as well! An international audience brings diversity in knowledge, experience, ideas and the opportunity to begin unique partnerships.

Greater Interaction and Engagement

In-person conferences offer many great benefits and opportunities, but so do online conferences! During CFX 2023, you will have multiple opportunities to participate and actively engage with other participants in Q&A sessions, breakout activities, our open mic session and more. Do you struggle with speaking in front of others? If yes – don’t worry – you will also have the opportunity to participate within your comfort zone using Zoom’s chat feature and our live polls throughout the week!

Diverse Speakers and Presentation Topics

Enjoy and take advantage of our amazing lineup of speakers with diverse backgrounds and knowledge on a variety of topics related to cumulative effects. The theme of CFX 2023 is “Indigenous-Led Cumulative Effects Pathways: From Words to Action”. CFX Conference speakers will be speaking across a range of cumulative effects topics including:

  • Capacity Building
  • Regional Collaboration
  • Two-eyed seeing
  • Intergenerational Knowledge Transfer
  • Youth Involvement
  • Health and Well-Being
  • Governance
  • Guardianship
  • Taking Action
  • Legal Context

And we'll announce the 4th Annual CE Analytic Award recipients!

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